Yoga Testimonials

"I feel that the classes greatly benefit anyone with health issues as Marilyn will offer different ways you can approach a move which enables you to participate and builds confidence. I have been able to achieve moves that I would not have had the confidence to try without Marilyn's gentle guidance. My general fitness and co-ordination has improved vastly and I value the relaxation techniques I have learnt."
"At the end of my first full year studying yoga with you, I want to say a big thank you for the difference you have made to my well being. My whole body feels so much more supple and stronger than when I first joined you last September and my breathing capacity has improved dramatically which assists me with my singing. I'm so grateful to you." -Ruth Strangeway

"Marilyn's gentle yoga is a great way for anyone new to yoga to give it a try. She will quickly enable you to realise how some simple yoga techniques can improve your flexibility and make everyday life a little easier."

"If you are interested in yoga but are worried you may not be fit enough or have health issues, Marilyn’s gentle yoga class would be an excellent place to experiment to see if it’s for you. I’ve been enjoying Marilyn’s sessions in Acomb (York) for almost 6 months now and the difference it has made to my balance, flexibility and confidence keeps me going – even my physiotherapist was impressed. Individual needs are taken into account with things modified to suit you as needed, no-one is forced to do anything or made to feel silly. The bottom line for me though is that Marilyn is rather special, bit of a one-off, funny and kind - her sessions are simply good fun! Thanks Marilyn!"

"Marilyn's classes have a different approach to yoga and to life in general. They cover breathing, relaxing, de-stressing, increasing energy and suppleness amongst other elements. I always leave feeling positive and energized. Its not formal or rigid but flexible and individual. You make the choice to suit you - its what it says on the tin "gentle"."

Breathing Testimonials

February 2017
I thought the course was wonderful. It made me concentrate on my breathing and realise just how large a space my lungs occupy. I don’t breathe very well (I have had asthma most of my life and now have only 60% lung function) and this helped me to rediscover just how energising breathing can be – and how vital it is to how you feel. I have felt great during the course – much more alert and yet calmer at the same time. I feel there is much more to explore at a deeper level and can’t wait for another course!
Following my short course of breathing exercises with you Marilyn, I’ve found with daily practice at home it’s the best exercise for expanding the lungs capacity I’ve tried.
I’ve followed your advice and take just 15 minutes each morning with this exercise, it certainly is a good way to kick off the day- no need for my usual caffeine fix!